"The culture makes a dictum of authenticity and a near tyranny of the “genuine,” so that anyone who capitalizes on untruths is sinning against the virtue of transparency. We so often destroy people who are truly themselves in all their brokenness, yet loathe those, like Lana, who can tell a whole lie (or at least make many music critics think she’s “fake”). But artifice is not only armor, and performance is not the same as faking it. It’s a salve against day-to-day cruelty to rewrite reality, to build pretty, fictional worlds to live inside for a time, because the alternative is to writhe in agony without them"
"All of them had four to five different social apps on their phones. The more we dug into why, the answer that came back pretty much universally across the board was, ‘This is how I keep my friend groups separated.’"
Unnamed Facebook source. Austin Carr “Facebook’s Plan to Own Your Phone.” (via peterspear)